Humnawaa - (Film Version) 99 Songs | A.R. Rahman | Ehan Bhat | Armaan, Shashaa


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    Sing along with the season's most romantic song by Armaan Maalik, Shashaa Tirupati.

    Song name - Humnawaa
    Movie - 99 Songs
    Starring - Ehan Bhat, Edilsy Vargas
    Song composed, Arranged and Produced by A R Rahman
    Singers - Armaan Maalik, Shashaa Tirupati
    Lyrics - Dilshaad Shabbir Shaikh, Shashaa Tirupati, Abhay Jodhpurkar
    Music Supervisor - Dilshaad Shabbir Shaikh
    Live Flute - Naveen Kumar
    Sound Engineers - Panchathan Record inn , Chennai
    Suresh Permal, Karthik Sekaran, T R Krishna Chetan, Hiral Viradia, Riyasdeen Riyan
    Mixed By Pradvay Sivashankar
    Mastered By Suresh Perma

    Audio on Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd(C) 2020
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    1. Meyyammai Thiagarajan

      The fact that they joined his music and her art together is just fantabulous.. Also the highs are highlighted by the female lead in the song ...the pen she uses is like a baton used by a conductor

    2. King 277

      Need a separate full version of that last flute portion 🙏

    3. Jayita Sengupta

      Armaan Malik sir's voice and A.R. Rahman sir's music is always ❤

    4. Kavitha Immanuel

      This music sounds wry and dry doesn't appeal..just because ar rahman I can't appreciate it...he lost his soul...

    5. Shafkat Hassan Shaikat

      *Wo roja bombay rangeela wali feeling missing hai... Somehow a r rahman lost his earlier magic*

    6. Likhitha Laveti

      Actually doesn't sound like Arman voice I'm surprised

    7. Sachin Raj

      the percussion added here 💓

    8. Sattwika Kar Roy

      I like this song verry much 👍🏻

    9. Faizan Mirza

      Way an amazing song. This is such a complex tune. 🎶❤️

    10. Tapas Mandal

      Duper flop song

    11. Naslun Khan

      This music is making me feel nostalgic.. Brilliant ❤️

    12. Unmilita Dowerah

      This song is so beautiful. AR Rahman sir's composition + Armaan's voice ❤

    13. lιsα

      Amazing.. 💕

    14. vincent nithin

      Happy to see here are no fan fights for their hero's to Trending,trending their worthless songs... Very less Genuine and genius Audiences for ARR songs. Becoz this Earth with less Genius and genuine peoples.

    15. Renusha SG

      Arman voice Shasha Humming AR Rahman music Ehan Acting Edilsy Magic Made this song ❤️✨

    16. Bithi Sithi Gunjon

      Soooo soothing!

    17. Neeraj Jain

      Just my point of view . I think music and vocals are legendary but not the lyrics .

    18. Tasnim Attre

      Armaan has a high chance to own a prestigious National Award for this masterpiece!♥️This one is Armaan's carrer's Top notch Classic🙌❤

    19. بوليود_العرب


    20. Vinod Indukuri

      the dislikes are from Jay's father who thinks music is a disease.

      1. Jayita Sengupta

        Who is Jay? Are you talking about Evans Bhat's character Jay

    21. Pikachoo

      Kya chutiya gana hai Kon sunta hai

      1. gopinath Balakrishnan

        Gandhe log chello baasha aur neha ko paas

    22. dramebaaz ladka

      Love this song


      Marvelous ♥️

    24. specializo specializer

      Its on loop ❤️ What a composition ARR ❤️❤️ Armaan as usual ❤️❤️ And the most beautiful part of this song is the humming from Shasha Tirupati ❤️❤️😍 Really loved and got addicted to that ❤️❤️

    25. Nikhil sharma

      Legend ARR ❤️...

    26. praveen mohandoss

      Man this song and the whole album needs the reach and praise it deserves. truly amazed by the complex and soulful composition of ARR that he is known for. only those who understand the intricates will be able to truly appreciate the music the he delivers to his true hardcore fans.

    27. Vi cky

      Dear stranger you had a great taste in music .

    28. Shevani Nattath

      Wow what a collab Armaan and A.R.Rahman💕

    29. Rajashree Jarande

      The number of views and likes on this song do enrage me. We have just forgotten what real music is.....

      1. Jayita Sengupta

        @Shivas Kaul Yeah it's so discouraging

      2. Jayita Sengupta

        Yeah seriously 😢😢😢

      3. Shivas Kaul

        Exactly 😭 If it was sung by Badshah with meaningless lyrics and lots and lots of vulgar and abusive words, there would have been 100M views in less than 1 week


      This song is not for everyone ! Its not for listeners but for hard core music listeners ! And i m shooked listening armaan vocal in claasic 🔥😳

    31. Mustafa Maharvi

      واااااااہ ✨💕💐

    32. Nikhil lekhra cREATIONS

      Music that moves you!! #arrahman 🙏

    33. Sameer Malhotra

      Complex and brilliance at the same time Armaan with his beautiful vocals on ARR's excellence composition 👏👏

    34. Mohini Kashyap

      Beautiful song ❤️❤️❤️

    35. Prashanth Sonar

      High quality music

    36. boi_in_d_citi

      What the heck is wrong with the "views" it's showing 22K whereas in Tony Kakkar videos it's showing 135M Like seriously!!

    37. tanim zaman

      Awesome music

    38. Paaker Mohamed

      what is the pen or pencil she used on this video?

      1. Shivas Kaul

        It's called VFX. There's no pen or pencil

      2. amjath akkien


    39. Seetanshu Pandit

      This song gives me goosebumps...🎈

    40. Suraj Kumar

      jo achhe gane hai vo popular nhi hote hote hai to faltu vale

    41. roshan agrawal

      What a complex, yet brilliant composition by legend - ARR.

    42. Shahal Saneen


    43. TEAM BOYZ FF


    44. Pikachoo

      Armaan Malik Replaced Shashwat Singh For This Song.

    45. Krishna Nair

      Wait, the song is only 2 minutes and 37 songs long? It was so magical that it took me to a state that made me feel like it was 5-10 minutes!

    46. Ojasavi Nirav

      Where is everyone this song is just awesome in one word but see the view now a day people music taste is Kakar and fuking all bullshit old song copying

    47. THE SHAYAR

    48. Music Fan

      Where the imagination of people for music stops, it becomes a starting point for ARR😍

      1. gopinath Balakrishnan

        People imagination stopped long ago

    49. Yash Kushwaha

      Armaan malik 😍

    50. Opris Family

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    51. Jamila officielle Laqsil

      1.40 bon continuation

    52. Jamila officielle Laqsil


    53. appu films


    54. Amarjeet Singh

      Chaha hai maine ye lamha tham jaye yahin..

    55. Shantha Nayagi

      A musical magic by ARR Anna, Armaanji & a good picturisation. Vera level experience ❤️👍

    56. M H Mirza

      The Maestro A R R A H M A N💙

    57. Sāklōm Dvrmā


    58. Vihaan Vatsal

      Pure magic🪄

    59. knowledge hunt

      Finally 300 likes I did it

    60. SY status 3M

      Kya aap logo ko is video song ka 4k Status chahiye...?

    61. TEJAS curriculum

      Murli at 2:21 is epic

    62. TEJAS curriculum

      great movie

    63. Mohammed raheem uddin

      Mere ko songs ache nahi lagre....or kuch hatke hai....dil se romance wale words nahi hai iss film ke songs mai...patah nahi kis ko samaj aahtah song dil ko lagra hi nshi songs ...awaaz toh ache....

      1. Pikachoo

        Sahi Kaha

    64. Nisha Mission ips

      Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment 💖💖

      1. Kartik Rana


    65. Khushi Mandharkar

      Armaaaannnnn ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    66. WATER

    67. NILIMA Crafts

      *Khuda sab ko salamat rekho*

      1. piyush Verma

        Please give me your number I love you

    68. phuntru

      Sony seriously wo magic wand nahi he wo Apple Pencil he

    69. Shivam Music Company


    70. Shivam Music Company


    71. Shivam Music Company


    72. A.R. Nagoor Meeran

      Mozart of Madras

    73. Gurpartap Singh Rai

    74. Miss Royal Gaming


    75. mohd Aleem Uddin

      Very nice video man and woman who is this your first pregnancy planned for today and tomorrow is the best thing that I have to be a good day at work and I have no clue how much is the only person who you talking bout u but I'm.

    76. TOLLYWOOD DIARY Nithya

      *কে কে বিশ্বাস" করেন* *নামাজ পড়লে চেহারা সুন্দর হয়✔* *লাইক হবে*

      1. piyush Verma


      2. piyush Verma

        I love

      3. piyush Verma


    77. Karan pariyar

      Awesome song

    78. Murabbi Murabbi

      Kindly visit Murabbi Murabbi. A R Rahman Musical PAmost Channel

    79. Rock Star Abhi

      AbK Rock Star Abhi

    80. Ashish Lad

      Tatti song

      1. Ashish Lad

        @Sameer Malhotra yes im going for kun faya kun

      2. Sameer Malhotra

        Bhai then go for the chapri music 😄 Ye masterpiece samajhna tumhare bss ki baat nahi

    81. With Rohit

      AR RAHMAN is a true magician 💙

    82. Mr Azam

      Awesome beautiful Superb Songs 👌👌👌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


      गर्मी का मौसम आ गया है|| इसलिए अपने घर के सामने या छत पर पानी जरूर रखे ताकि कुछ को राहत मिल सक ||🙏🙏

      1. piyush Verma

        I am singing so nice and my didi is Actress ok and I want to sing with you and I want to give surprise to you please give me your number

      2. piyush Verma


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      4. piyush Verma

        Please give me your number I love you

    84. Saud Jamil

      Only for rehman sir❤

    85. sadhu m

      Awesome song........

    86. Sahfin Hassan

      Kora song


      Fir comments 😍😍 surprise me

    88. Silent Gaming

      Nice music, note I am first so I hear only music and I coment

    89. Vishal Thakur

      Armaan Malik ❤️😀👍🔥


      Awesome song by A R Rahman sir and Arman Malik . Ehan fav.