Soja Soja - (Film Version) 99 Songs | A.R. Rahman | Ehan Bhat | Shashaa


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    Dreams are the melodious blanket of the night

    Song name - Soja Soja
    Movie - 99 Songs
    Starring - Ehan Bhat, Edilsy Vargas
    Song composed, Arranged and Produced by A R Rahman
    Singers - Shashaa Tirupati
    Lyrics - Navneet Virk A R Rahman
    Music Supervisor - Dilshaad Shabbir Shaikh
    Piano: Randy Kerber
    Brass : Daniel Matthews, Mark Hartsuch, Joakim Toftgaard (Dallas Horns, Dallas) Additional Vocals - Nikitha Gandhi
    Strings : Sunshine Orchestra
    Conducted by V J Srinivasa Murthy
    Additional Arrangements and Programming - Jim Sathya
    Sound Engineers - Panchathan Record inn, Chennai
    Suresh Permal, Karthik Sekaran, T R Krishna Chetan, Kevin Doucette, Hiral Viradia, Riyasdeen Riyan AM Studios, Chennai
    Sivakumar S, Kannan Ganpat, Pradeep, Krishnan, Manoj Raman, Aravind MS
    Mixed By Pradvay Sivashankar
    Mastered by Suresh Permal

    Audio on Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd(C) 2020
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    1. Jayita Sengupta

      The number of likes haunt me...

    2. veeran vee

      What a sound

    3. sharath

      This is master piece and no one understands it's value Glad I had some taste ❤️ Hit like if you agree 🔥

    4. zubair khaleel

      Soja soja raat hogayi...this is what I say to mind every single night yet it refuses to listen😂. Blues.ARR.Shashaa🙌

    5. Azeem Academy of Arts

      AR Rahman needs to understand what are his area of expertise and what isn’t. This song makes no sense and neither doesn’t it have a connection with the storyline of the film. Well its a bad film sorry AR. And please do not disrespect Jazz like this.

    6. p r a t i k s h a ミ



    8. Madhur Malhotra

      Beautiful JAZZ song by ARR. But Sasha Tirupati's voice doesnt suit this kinda style. Singers Sumar Sridhar or Shalmali Kholgade's voice suits better for Jazzy's compositions.

      1. Madhur Malhotra

        Didn’t find any significant difference between Hindi and Tamil versions. Tamil version is a bit worse though (vibe-wise). Sasha Tirupati’s voice just doesn’t do it. Have seen her perform Live with ARR as well. Her voice keeps breaking and has no flow to it.

      2. Madhur Malhotra

        @Ipsita Roy Oh! Haven’t listened to the Tamil version. Lemme try.

      3. Ipsita Roy

        The Tamil version sounded much better.. also the hindi lyrics doesn't sound good... also the film version has unnecessary gun shot sounds..

    9. Mustafa Maharvi

      واااااااہ واااااااہ واااااااہ ✨💕💐

    10. Mustafa Maharvi

      واااااااہ واااااااہ واااااااہ ✨💕💐

    11. Mustafa Maharvi

      واااااااہ واااااااہ واااااااہ ✨💕💐

    12. Faad

      Am really disappointed after listening to this song, ARRehman is a great great name in music industry, his music was always ahead of it's time, but for the last ten years he had been composing just trash except a song or two... This song clearly shows he is a novice in the genre of Jazz, I shouldn't say this but music directors like Anu Malik could have composed a better Jazz tune than this... And after listening to Amit Travedi's strong Jazz music in "Bombay Velvet", this surely sounds like noise. AR Rehman sir, the kids and youth of this era may not recognize you very well but we, the kids and youth of 90's and early 2000's still remember the magical music of Roja, Rangeela, Hindustani, Dil Hi Dil Main, Doud, Lagaan, Kabhi Na Kabhi, Dunya Dil Walon Ki, Bombay, Taal, Guru, Dil Se, Meenaxi, Thakshak, Lakeer, Love You Hamesha, Zubeida, Yuuvraaj, and all the old gems... This is certainly not you, don't tarnish your name by composing such below mediocre things.

      1. Ipsita Roy

        @Trisha Roy which is definitely the lyrics person's fault..the Tamil version sounded much better.. the English lyrics here just makes it sound lame..

      2. Faad

        @i will give you thunder shock Jazz of 90s??? Are you kidding me???? Well yes then this is your calibre, be happy with this noise, for me ARRehman is beyond this noise and trash

      3. Faad

        @Trisha Roy You are absolutely right

      4. Trisha Roy

        But the lyrics definitely doesn't make sense. He is a really good composer but its not imp that he will be good at everything. I'll put a bullet through your heart if you dont love me, soja soja raat ho gayi. Kinda seems like he put effort in music but lost the real story telling essence of jazz which makes it jazz.

      5. Yogesh Kumar

        Faad bhai tu ek v music compose krk dikha de fir man jaunga..baat krta hai

    13. Devraj Shellagi

      This is gift to only selected audience... Encrypted Song...Very few can decode this music.... If ur listening it then ur one among them...

      1. i will give you thunder shock

        Just look at thr comment. Idiot audience of india doesnt know if tgis song were released in the US,it would have won gramny for sure. Its a pure jazz song.What a composition.The layers of music keep and are well-synchronized.

    14. Gamana dio

      Sénégal j'aime soja 😘😘😘😘😘😘

    15. Jamila officielle Laqsil


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    17. MaqsoodHussain

      Aaooo sath sajoao

    18. sejal &kid's family fun


    19. Pikachoo

      Lyrics Kehna Kya Chahti Hai Yar? Kuch bhi chutiyapa

      1. Shaikh Majid

        😆😆😆And Bhkt

    20. Djkartik Assam

      All india love A.R. R. Sir

    21. P-Series 2.0

      Soja soja 😎🔥🔥

    22. LR7  RAHUL

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      1. Devraj Shellagi

        Pls delete these spam comments.. Doesn't look good at these Songs... Don't make mess here pls

    28. LR7  RAHUL

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    29. LR7  RAHUL

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    30. LR7  RAHUL

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    31. Mr Saif khan

      Ghatiya video song


      Badhiya singer ko bhi flop kara dega Rahman bhai

    33. Mohammed raheem uddin

      Soja soja film bhi flop hogaye......

    34. Mohammed raheem uddin

      Soja soja paisa qarab hogayah....

    35. Mohammed raheem uddin

      Yah song bhi lite hai....dil wala romance nahi hai song mai

    36. stayhappylittle mermaid

      You shouldn't let anyone tell you what you can and can't do.

    37. Nisha Mission ips

      Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment 💖💖

    38. WATER

    39. Pikachoo

      Rahman Has Made Chutiya To Hindi Listeners Through This Album

    40. Shivam Music Company

      So beautiful song

    41. Shivam Music Company

      Nice song

    42. Shivam Music Company


    43. manish kumar

      Very nice song

    44. Music hemant Singh

      Love music and you 👇

    45. TOLLYWOOD DIARY Nithya

      *কে কে বিশ্বাস" করেন* *নামাজ পড়লে চেহারা সুন্দর হয়✔* *লাইক হবে*

    46. shoaib saifi

      I love you Armaan bhai

    47. shoaib saifi

      What a song

    48. Prakash Kothakonda

      Wow it's zing zing amezing

    49. SujCom


    50. Tony Waikha

      Mind blowing 👍🏻





    53. With Rohit

      Lisa Ray 💥 is the most beautiful woman without any doubt 💙


      A.R Rahman sir awesome. Ehan bhat acting 👌🏻

      1. Naveed Raza Khan

        @deep kachhawa ll

      2. deep kachhawa